About the project

“Małopolska’s Virtual Museums” is an exceptional initiative in Poland. It helps present on the Internet valuable resources of importance to the culture.
The project was implemented in partnership with the Department of Business Development of the Office of Małopolska Province Marshal – Project Leader and the Małopolska Institute of Culture in Kraków (MIC) — Partner and main project executor, in cooperation with 35 museums. The project is co-financed with EU funds under the Regional Operational Programme for Małopolska for the years 2007–2013 and the budget of the Małopolska Province.
Within the project, the Regional Digitalisation Workshop and a website have been created. On the website one can admire more than 700 digitalised exhibits for which up until now museum showcases and warehouses have been their natural setting. Exhibits have been selected from their collections by Małopolska’s museums, following consultations with the project Council of Experts.
Because the majority of them are presented as three-dimensional images, it will be possible to not only learn the rich history of these exhibits but also to see them up close, and to learn every tiny detail about them, without fear of destroying precious objects or violating museum etiquette.
The unobvious links, inspirational contexts, and extensive educational materials are distinctive features of the website. Thanks to them, time spent on the Internet can be used to learn in this entertainment. On the website, there are cross-sectional presentations prepared by specialists or enthusiasts in a given field who recall numerous extraordinary stories concerning the collections. It will be possible to see proprietary collections created by people of culture and arts, and find inspiration in guidebooks that encourage a creative interpretation of the heritage. Thanks to the search capabilities, the website will be able to group exhibits and will mention the museums they come from. It will also be possible to create private collections of works of art, browse through theme presentations and play the role-playing game, Time Defenders. Małopolska’s Virtual Museums is the first museum website in Poland using gamification to create an innovative and attractive form of contact with culture users.

We hope that walking through the virtual galleries and presentations will not only stimulate the imagination of website users and guests but, most importantly, encourage them to visit the unique museum collections in Małopolska. The very process of digitalisation and preservation of the collections will help preserve and popularise the unique heritage of the region.

“Małopolska’s Virtual Museums” project was realized in cooperation with following persons, institutions and companies:

Project team:

— the Office of Małopolska Province Marshal (Department of Business Development of the Office of Małopolska Province Marshal)
Manager of project: Małgorzata Kubicka-Hodura
Team: Julita Czopek, Dorota Gronowicz-Jaroszewska, Marek Pietras, Grzegorz Mamoń, Paweł Świercz, Łukasz Świerzewski, Ewa Winiarska, Piotr Jaworski-Grzanka 2010-2012

— the Małopolska Institute of Culture in Kraków

Supervision: Anna Jamrozik
Coordinators: Kinga Kołodziejska 2010, Lidia Klimas 2011, Alicja Sułkowska-Kądziołka 2012–2013
Team of the Regional Digitalisation Workshop at the Małopolska Institute of Culture in Kraków: Anna Berestecka (Editorial team of MVM), Julita Bilska, Zoltán Gyalókay (Editorial team of MVM), Anna Kaczmarczyk (3D graphics), Anna Klimczak, Kinga Kołodziejska (Editorial team of MVM), Urszula Przybyszewska (scanning), Igor Szelest (scanning, IT), Paweł Szelest (3D graphics), Wojciech Szczekan (3D graphics), Kinga Śliwa, Marek Antoniusz Święch (photographer), Sebastian Woźniak (scanning)
Team of the Małopolska Institute of Culture in Kraków: Greta Gorgoń (marketing, PR), Joanna Hajduk (The Dynamics of Exhibition programme), Piotr Idziak (The Dynamics of Exhibition programme), Magdalena Książek-Pogoda (public procurement), Łucja Piekarska-Duraj (The Dynamics of Exhibition programme), Ewa Ślusarczyk (editing), Sebastian Wacięga (The Dynamics of Exhibition programme).

Project Council of Experts:
Joanna Daranowska-Łukaszewska
Mirosław Filiciak PhD
Artur Filipczak
Paweł Jaskanis
Leszek Jodliński
Prof. Jan Święch 

The Małopolska’s Virtual Museums website is implemented on the basis of technology by its provider, Comarch SA, in cooperation with sub-contractors: MobileMS Michał Stefański, Rapan.pl Rafał Pankowski, and Opcom Grupa Eskadra Sp. z o.o.