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Modlitwa Chrystusa w Ogrójcu w realizacji Wita Stwosza

Płaskorzeźba „Modlitwa w Ogrojcu” Wita Stwosza z kościoła pw. Wszystkich Świętych w Ptaszkowej,...

Esej Magdaleny Ziółkowskiej o Andrzeju Wróblewskim

Magdalena Ziółkowska „Dlaczego jedynymi pomnikami, jakie stawia Wróblewski...

How to create a collection?

1. Choose “Exhibits” from the menu.

2. Select the exhibit and open its sheet by clicking on it.

3. On the sheet, click on the caption, “Add to my collection”, at the top.

4. Choose “Community” in the menu to go to your personal collector’s site.

5. Click on “My collections” to find all the exhibits you have chosen.

6. In order to add a new exhibit to the collection, click on “Edit”, next to “My exhibits” on the right.

7. Mark the exhibit for the collection, then click on the “Add to the collection” button.

8. If you want to create a new collection, click on “Add a new collection” and fill in the information. If you have already created collections, click on the one for which a given exhibit is intended.

9. At the bottom, there will be a list of collections you have created. Now you can browse through them or edit them.