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Roger&Gallet bottle in a case

The crystal bottle takes the form of a decanter similar to a cuboid in shape, with a neck featuring a wide flange and a glass stopper. The crystal knob-shaped stopper is cut into in a bevelled pattern. Its rim, made from a gilded mass and featuring a carmine ribbon, is decorated with a gilded ornament.

Casket with a set of two perfume bottles

The casket is equipped with a lock and made of dark wood. On the lid, there is an inscription inlaid with light wood and written in Fraktur, which reads: “Odeurs,” encompassed by a thin frame wrought using the technique of intarsia.

Vessel for potpourri – mixtures of dried flowers

The porcelain vase in the form of an urn, with openings in the lid, was intended for storing potpourris, i.e. scented mixtures made from dried herbs and flowers. The body of the vessel has a circular cross-section, is elongated, narrows at the base and turns into a round base on a square stand.

Oblong Biedermeier-style perfume bottle

A perfume bottle in the form of a slim vial made of hand-moulded glass. The body of the vessel is polished on four sides into four very narrow bevels. The surfaces of the bevels are hand-painted with simplified floral ornaments and a simplified acanthus tendril.

Crystal glass perfume bottle

The crystal bottle is set in a silver frame. The glass body with a high neck is cut into bevels across the entire surface. The silver base of the bottle was shaped by hand, and extended at the base.

Carved perfume bottles

Both the perfume bottles have been made of bovine bone and decorated with scenes carved in a very precise manner. The darker bottle, in the shape of a vial with flattened sides, depicts a figure with a fan in a Chinese garden on both of its sides. In the background, there is a pagoda, a garden fence, a tree and, in the foreground, there is a shrub with flowers. In one of the depictions, the figure with a fan is leaning over flowers, and in the other, it rests under a tree, admiring the garden vegetation.

Perfume bottle with a landscape

The porcelain perfume bottle has a rounded body fluted at the sides, a wide base and an elongated neck. The gilded porcelain stopper has the shape of a rosette.

Porcelain bottle with a floral medallion

A porcelain bottle in the form of a decanter with a stopper, painted on the whole surface in cobalt colour, with oval panels featuring floral compositions and gilded ornaments.

Biedermeier-style perfume bottle with pink and black bevels

The Biedermeier-style glass perfume bottle is finished with a bevelled, sharp-tipped stopper. The body of the vessel, in the form of an inverted pyramid with a bevelled top, ends in a base shaped like a flower with lapidary cuts.

Bottle with a muse and a cupid

The perfume bottle has the form of a rectangular decanter made of crystal glass. The stopper features a bevelled handle. The bottle has been situated in a frame made of gilded bronze: two rings for the lower and upper part of the bottle body are decorated with lines and singular laurel branches along their lengths.

Biedermeier-style bottle with an imitation of an emerald and a gilded ornament

The bottle-shaped perfume container was made of crystal glass cut into bevels. The body of the vessel has a slender, bevelled shape, narrowing down at the base and ending with a neck with an enlarged spout at the top. The stopper is in the shape of a ball, decorated with a painted gilded floral ornament.

Perfume bottle with a floral miniature and a gilded Régence ornament

The presented porcelain bottle with a fancy form is richly decorated with painted floral motifs and Rococo-style gildings. The body of the bottle rests on a large base formed by volutes flowing down and connected by acanthus leaves. The widest part of the bottle is decorated with a sophisticated floral composition.

Biedermeier-style glass perfume bottle

This glass perfume bottle takes the form of a bulky cuboid decanter with a short neck and a stopper. The body of the vessel is bevelled, with concavities at the corners.

Porcelain perfume bottle with a genre painting

The porcelain perfume bottle has the form of a bulky, short-necked decanter with no stopper. The upper side of the bottle is decorated with an ornament composed of stylized acanthus leaves, with traces of gilding.

Biedermeier-style bottle with gilding and a pointed stopper

The perfume bottle is made of laminated glass cut into bevels. Its outer layer is made of transparent glass, the inner one – of ruby glass. The body of the vessel expands at the top, tapers towards the base and turns smoothly into a wide hexagonal base.

Silver bottle with an engraving

The bottle, with a fanciful shape, features a body with the cross-section of a multifoil, with a high neck and a high, wooden stopper on the wall of the bottle, there is a herbal cartouche in the frame of a rich rocaille ornament.

Crystal glass perfume bottle

The crystal bottle is set in a silver frame. The glass body with a high neck was cut into vertical stripes with a transverse triple line motif on the neck. The silver base of the bottle was hand decorated using the repoussage technique, with irregularities and sawing marks.

Pair of perfume bottles

A pair of porcelain perfume bottles in the shape of decanters, with porcelain stoppers. The bodies were made in the form of bevelled cuboids. Their decorations consist of gilded ornaments composed of a floral tendril against a black background.

Blue biedermeier-style perfume bottle with gilding

The presented perfume bottle is made of blue solid-coloured glass, with a polished crystal stopper. The body of the bottle takes the form of a bell which turns into a decorative flange with fancy cut-outs forming a wavy line at the base. The high neck of the bottle ends in a flange shaped like a flower-shaped goblet.

Miniature heart-shaped bottle

The silver heart-shaped bottle was intended for storing fragrances. On one side of the vessel, a decorative entwined monogram has been engraved (initials “RC” or “CR”?), topped by a crown. The motif is placed in a frame consisting of a decorative border featuring a simple ornament composed of triangles and matching the shape of the heart.