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Biedermeier-style perfume bottle with pink and black bevels

The Biedermeier-style glass perfume bottle is finished with a bevelled, sharp-tipped stopper. The body of the vessel, in the form of an inverted pyramid with a bevelled top, ends in a base shaped like a flower with lapidary cuts.

Blue biedermeier-style perfume bottle with gilding

The presented perfume bottle is made of blue solid-coloured glass, with a polished crystal stopper. The body of the bottle takes the form of a bell which turns into a decorative flange with fancy cut-outs forming a wavy line at the base. The high neck of the bottle ends in a flange shaped like a flower-shaped goblet.

Porcelain vessel decorated with garlands

An extremely impressive vessel in the form of a vase with floral garlands instead of handles, made of porcelain. The shape of the vessel with a large body expanding at the top is overshadowed by the rich visual decoration featuring floral patterns. The flowers are made of a porcelain mass with sculptural qualities, supplementing them with painted illusionistic compositions. The vessel has no lid.

“Flower” calligraphy by Chuei Sekiguchi (alias Kyōso)

From the dawn of history, the Japanese have observed nature carefully. The elements of nature, including various flowers with their symbolic meaning, became frequent motifs used in art and ornamentation. To this day, these natural phenomena are reflected in Japanese customs and traditions. An old custom hanami (in Japanese watching flowers) is still hugely popular when, in spring, whole families have picnics under blossoming cherry trees.

Orange-maroon biedermeier-style perfume bottle with gilding

The perfume bottle is made of a maroon-coloured stone. The vessel has a form similar to a barrel with bevelled sides and a polygonal flange.

Biedermeier-style bottle with gilding and a pointed stopper

The perfume bottle is made of laminated glass cut into bevels. Its outer layer is made of transparent glass, the inner one – of ruby glass. The body of the vessel expands at the top, tapers towards the base and turns smoothly into a wide hexagonal base.

Biedermeier-style cobalt bottle with gilding

This fancy perfume bottle is made of laminated glass cut into bevels. The outer layer is transparent, while the inner layer is made of solid cobalt-coloured glass. The stopper is tear-shaped and is made of laminated glass, its inner part also made of cobalt glass.