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A bronze replica of the final piece which was created in November 1900. The piece is a model of Queen Jadwiga’s (died 1399) sarcophagus, which was created for Wawel Cathedral by Antoni Madeyski in Rome in the year 1902.


The sarcophagus was the brainchild of Karol Lanckoroński. He also commissioned and funded it. It was his wish that the sarcophagus be made of white marble. He also wanted it to be in an early Italian Renaissance style and it was modelled on the sarcophagus of Illaria del Carretto, a piece by Jacopo della Quercia.
The sarcophagus takes the form of a tomb with a figure of the queen on its lid. It also features a sleeping dog lying at her feet, symbolizing faithfulness. The classic appearance of the queen’s face was based on the facial features of Wanda Petrażycka. The sides of the sarcophagus are decorated by a frieze containing the White Eagle motif. Its shorter sides are decorated with escutcheons bearing the various coats of arms: at the feet of the sarcophagus – the Lithuanian Pagonia [Pogoń] is featured, and on the head side – the parting coats of arms of the Hungarian Angevins (fleurs-de-lis of Anjou and four rivers of Hungary). On the truncated edge of the lid, there are inscriptions carved with letters of the font modelled on the Gothic majuscule: HEDVIGIS.REGINA.POLONIAE, which is repeated on both longer sides. OB.A.D.1399 is inscribed on the head side, with NAT.A.D.1371 at the feet (this date on the Cathedral sarcophagus was re-carved in 1942 and replaced with the date 1374). The bronze model from the Wawel collection was exhibited at the Polish General Exhibition in Poznań in 1929, during which Antoni Madeyski was decorated with a golden medal for his artistic achievements.

Elaborated by Anna Petrus (Wawel Royal Castle), editorial team of Małopolska’s Virtual Museums, © all rights reserved


A model of Queen Jadwiga's sarcophagus from Wawel Cathedral


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