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It has been in the Museum's collection since 1979. According to the accounts of the exhibit's previous owner, the chest comes from the Church of St. Margaret in Nowy Sącz, from where her husband received it years ago.


This chest was reassembled from bas-relief boards with a report indicating that it is the upper part of a larger complete work, with at least 30–40% cut off at the bottom.  In the middle of the front of the chest, there is an arcade with egg-and-dart ornamentation, inside of which there is a grapevine with bunches of fruit, under which the initials “JR” have been carved. The remainder of the front is filled with twining stems of grapevines with mascarons at their ends. In the upper corners, there are the winged heads of angels, and between them, two fields with the inscriptions: “ANNO D[O]M[I]NI” and “1673 G.S.”. The sides of the chest have been decorated with the motif of the sun in the form of a circular shield, with a human face inscribed in a circle, with a clock scale. Fittings from the era were reattached; the remains of the original polychromes have also been preserved in places. Probably, the bas-relief boards, re-used to assemble the chest, originated from the casing of a clock cabinet. The motifs of suns, stars, and clock faces probably refer to the previous function of the object. On the other hand, the appearance of a vine is analogous to one on a clock cabinet from Oldenburg, dating from 1480.

Elaborated by Edyta Ross-Pazdyk (Nowy Sącz District Museum), © all rights reserved


Chest from 1673


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