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Badge in the shape of Latin cross. On the obverse is shown eagle in crown and  inscription above: HONOR OF HEROS WHO DIED FOR POLAND.


The badge has the shape of a Latin cross. On the obverse a crowned eagle is shown with an inscription above: “IN HONOUR OF THE HEROES WHO DIED FOR POLAND”. The whole cross is entwined by a twig. On the reverse there is an inscription “KRZYWOPŁOTY – ZAŁĘŻE” and the dates: 1914 19 XI and 1916 19 XI. It is hung on a chain of elongated links. It was stamped from silver or plated with silver.
The badge commemorates the battle of Krzywopłoty (today in the Olkusz District) fought from 17 to 19 November 1914 by the 4th and 6th Battalion 1st Regiment of Legions and 2nd Artillery Batteries with Russian troops. It was established on the second anniversary of the battle, when a stone cross was placed on the mass grave of 46 legionaries killed in the battle. The data for a more specific determination of the location is missing. 
It is worth paying attention to the eagle depicted on the badge. It looks like an eagle worn on legionary caps and buttons, but unlike it, this eagle has a crown. It was not surprising at a time when the eagle was not yet an official state symbol.

Elaborated by the Museum of the Home Army dedicated Gen. Emil Fieldorf “Nil”, © all rights reserved


Small cross — a badge commemorating the battle of Krzwopłoty


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