Difficulties with dating Piotr Michałowski's works

Why are there difficulties with dating Piotr Michałowski’s works?
As a wealthy person, the artist did not put his works on sale. Consequently, he did not put signatures or dates on his works, making it difficult to ascertain the chronology of their production.
Experts try to handle these difficulties by examining not only the stylistic aspect of his works but also the material ones, that is, canvas stretchers, canvases, paper and cardboard supports, grounds, and pigments used by Michałowski. Then they try to match the materials used by the artist to those available at the place he stayed in at a given point.
During his Paris period (1832–1835), for instance, his canvasses had one distinguishing feature in common: they were thin and were not woven too tightly, yet with evenly spun threads; this facilitates matching them to this stage of the artist’s oeuvre.

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