The Pope’s different faces

Andrzej Jawień, A.J., Stanisław Andrzej Gruda, Piotr Jasień – what do these names have to do with Karol Wojtyła? Karol was a young priest, but also a poet and a playwright. He wrote often, but kept his writings in a drawer and published them rarely under the selected pseudonyms.
Marek Skwarnicki wrote initially in the preface to Poezje, dramaty i szkice [Poems, Dramas and Literary Sketches] (Kraków 2004) that the novel Niebo w płomieniach [Sky on Fire], written by Jan Parandowski, with Jawień as the main character, was the source of his first assumed name.
Later it was discovered that Jawień was the family name of one of the parishioners of Niegowić, where Karol Wojtyła performed pastoral ministry as a vicar after his ordination.
Stanisław Andrzej Gruda appeared in Karol Wojtyła’s cardinal period when he handed over a manuscript of Promienowanie ojcostwa [The Radiation of Fatherhood] to the Znak Publishing House.

After he was elected pope, his writings appeared in print and were translated into numerous languages; however, he himself remained silent as a poet for the next twenty four years. In 2003 he finally published Tryptyk rzymski [Roman Triptych, Meditations].

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