Tibetan medicine — a few quotes

Tibetan medicine is characterised by a holistic approach. It uses the practice of Buddhist tantras, based on the “Four Medical Tantras”. This is predicated on the belief that everything that exists is a manifestation of one being. Imbalance of one element entails the disease of the entire organism.
Below are some quotes, including ones from the Ayurveda (referred to as knowledge of healthy life):
“Let the world be enlightened by the rays (beaming from) my body and let all beings be blessed, like me, in the signs of great Purusha.[1].
“Let every being be healed of its deformity by hearing my name,”[2].
“Let my infinite knowledge and acquired information give protection and help to beings, and consequently let there be no deformed being.”[3].
“Health and disease have the same sources; existence that creates a person in a favourable condition causes various dysfunctions in an unfavourable state.”[4].

Tibetan medicine set

Elaborated by Eleonora Tenerowicz (The Seweryn Udziela Ethnographic Museum in Kraków), © all rights reserved

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