Jan Motyka

Jan Motyka (1924–2005) was a photographer from Kraków. The Museum of Photography in Kraków stores his extensive legacy, documented by catalogues of about 200 exhibitions in Poland, diplomas from international competitions (Poland, Romania, France, Great Britain, Spain, the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong). In 1980, Jan Motyka showed photograms at the 4th National Exhibition of Artistic Photography, in 1972, in Spain, at the exhibition of sports photography; in the 80s, he received an award in Edinburgh; in the 90s — in Hong Kong. His first exhibition was held in 1964, at the First Salon of Artistic Photography in Gdańsk; one of the first exhibited photographs was entitled Smile. Therefore, firstly there were portraits and later a wide range of issues: sports, sports competitions for the disabled (1971), architecture, stills (Out of a cupboard drawer, the 70s); he received first prize for the series My Kraków; Jan Motyka used photomontage, isohelium, pseudosolarisation.

Elaborated by Małgorzata Kanikuła (Museum of Photography in Kraków), © all rights reserved

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