How to tie a wedding scarf?

Subtle knots exposing the beautiful embroidered starched material... Thanks to this the scarf becomes a real decoration for the head... However, would everyone be able to tie such a scarf nowadays? The thing that was very easy for our great-grandmothers could be very problematic these days.
For those who like tradition and for all of those eager to learn new skills we have prepared a short guideline in co-operation with the employees of the Ethnographic Museum in Kraków.
Similar scarves were typical for folk costumes of the Kraków region in the 19th century. They were worn by both wedded women and maidens, who additionally decorated their scarves with flowers that were forbidden for wedded women. Maidens could be additionally identified by the carefully made plaits protruding from under the scarf.

You are all invited to watch and to try and tie a traditional wedding scarf!

Elaborated by Anna Berestecka (Editorial team of Małopolska’s Virtual Museums),
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