What do “flowers of love” smell like?

What do the “flowers of love” smell like, stored in a crystal bottle decorated with the label of the company Roger & Gallet? Fleurs d’amour is a mix of scents: orange, lemon, geranium, musk, vetiver, vanilla, ylang-ylang and many other notes. An oriental, sensual, feminine fragrance. A label showing a seated figure of a half-naked woman, a personification of Glory lifting the bowl of a grave lantern, was placed on the crystal bottle. Next to the woman, a putto reaches for the candle. Above, the inscription GLOIRE DE PARIS was placed, with ROGER & GALLET PARIS underneath. The perfume bottle comes with a plaque decorated with an embossed figure of cupid with an armful of flowers. There is an embossed inscription above: FLEURS D’AMOUR, and ROGER & GALLET PARIS at the bottom. Did the velvet plaque have any special function? Perhaps it was a decorative addition to the bottle of perfume, emphasising the uniqueness and prestige of the company? The perfume bottle was stored in a velvet, carmine case.

Roger & Gallet is a brand of French perfumers founded by merchant Charles Armand Roger and banker Charles Martial Gallet in 1862. They started their business with the purchase of the Paris Eau de Cologne business, which was founded in 1806 by a member of the Farina family. In 1840, Farina sold the formula to Léonce Collas, and he transferred the rights to Eau de Cologne, with the exception of the Parisian Eau de Cologne, to Roger & Gallet.
Roger & Gallet specialised in the production of toilet soap. Later, in the 19th century, they achieved great success thanks to the freshly synthesised scent of viola, to which they owned rights in France, producing perfumes such as Vera Violetta.
In 1999 the Roger & Gallet perfumery business was taken over by the Gucci Group.

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