The fox terrier Nipper is still alive

Museum exhibitions and depots are not only treasuries of works of art but also places where objects, whose usefulness has recently come to an end, are given a second chance to live. Thanks to a museum, we can learn about the function and history of such objects — from the moment of their creation, through the period of their heyday, until the end of their useful lives. But is it really necessary to restore objects to life and does some part of them endure? History suggests: “non omnis moriar” [I shall not wholly die].
An example of this is the logo of the company His Master's Voice (HMV). You can read about its incorporation here. This iconic image, once universally recognizable, has been repeatedly processed in popular culture. Currently, although we usually do not remember its history, it still provides inspiration to artists. The evidence for this are the quotes appearing in the media in the form of the popular fox terrier Nipper, or other animals listening to the turntable tube, as we can see in the examples below:

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