The girl from the cover

Litografia kredką: Prószyński A. w Krakowie, Wnętrze, Stanisław Wyspiański, ze zbiorów Muzeum Narodowego w Krakowie, © wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone

A prototype of the woman behind the window in the performance The class has died was probably a drawing by Stanisław Wyspiański, published on the cover of Interiors by Maurice Maeterlinck (1901). The sketch was created as a playbill of the poster announcing a lecture by Stanisław Przybyszewski, connected with the stage presentation of Maeterlinck’s drama.
Gabriela Zapolska, who, before the beginning of her literary career, performed as an actress on stage at the Warsaw Charity Society; the Municipal Theatres in Kraków, Łódź, and Poznań, played for the audience. Interestingly, the audience could then buy tickets, choosing a seat on an armchair, a chair, or the balcony (standing space).
The girl sketched by Wyspiański is looking in through the window, just like “the Woman behind the Window” in Kantor’s performance. Compare the picture above with the Window, which is in the collection of the Małopolska’s Virtual Museums.

Elaborated by Małgorzata Paluch-Cybulska ( The Cricoteka Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor), Editorial team of Małopolska’s Virtual Museums , © all rights reserved