Sabres in the festive attire of Wieliczka miners

In the Austrian Empire, officials, including miners, carried ceremonial sabres with their uniforms. The situation was different on the territory of Prussia, where mining epees were obligatory. After Poland regained its independence, a single pattern of mining uniform was adopted. Mining is concentrated in Upper Silesia; therefore, the dress code came to include epees. This has been the case up until today.
In Wieliczka, the festive attire of miners looks a bit different. During secular and religious celebrations, you can meet miners wearing not epees, but sabres! In 1981, the management of the Wieliczka mine and the top mining supervisors belonging to the so-called Stare Strzechy decided to order sabres, which borrowed their form from those which were formerly carried in Wieliczka. This may not be a commonplace element of the outfit, but it is certainly traditional and specific to Wieliczka!

Elaborated by Kraków Salt Works Museum in Wieliczka, © all rights reserved

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