Świątniki receptive to a padlock


Padlock makers from Świątniki Górne – the first members of the Locksmith Company, 1889. Property of the Marcin Mikuła Locksmithing Museum in Świątniki Górne.

Wawel stewards and bell-ringers specialising in the production of locks, fittings, and padlocks of different kinds have been dedicated to professional craftsmanship since the mid-16th century. From the end of the 18th century, because of the replacement of hand arms with firearms, padlock making, ironwork, and artistic smithery developed in town.
The School of Ironwork, one of the oldest vocational schools in Poland, was set up in 1888. Eng. Kazimierz Bruchnalski became its headmaster and upon his initiative the Ironwork Company came into being one year later in order to protect the interests of home workers from Świątniki Górne and to increase the earnings of petty padlock makers. Tools and training machines were made available to padlock makers. Modern technologies were implemented in the production of padlocks. Manual production was soon replaced by a mechanical one.
Blacksmith workshops made hinges, candelabra, fittings, and other decorative elements; for example, a sanctuary lamp for the crypt of Adam Mickiewicz in the Wawel Cathedral was produced in Świątniki. Since 1895, students spent four years at school and they could study two majors − artistic smithery and building ironwork. Products of craftsmen reached the farthest nooks of Europe, and often Asia and Africa.

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