Writer Jan Wiktor and Szczawnica

Jan Wiktor (1890–1967) was a novelist and journalist, the eulogist of the landscape and history of the Sącz land. He was the author of Orka na ugorze [The Plough on the Fallow Land], Skrzydlaty mnich [The Winged Monk], the monograph Pieniny i ziemia sądecka [The Pieniny Mountains and the Sącz Land], the column Rozmowy pod parasolem [The Talks under the Umbrella] and the co-author of Ilustrowany przewodnik po Pieninach i Szczawnicy [The Illustrated Guide to the Pieniny Mountains and Szczawnica]. His relationship with the Pieniny Mountains began in 1913 when he arrived in Szczawnica for medical treatment. He actively participated in the life of the resort and for some time worked in thWritere Resort Committee. He called for the development of Szczawnica and represented the interests of the Pieniny Mountains and the National Park. His engagement in the life of the local highlanders resulted in the collection of valuable ethnographic materials. The writer was also an enthusiast and collector of folk art. He left a rich collection of paintings on glass, roadside chapels, figures, clay ceramics and others.

Elaborated by Barbara Węglarz (Nowy Sącz District Museum), © all rights reserved