Object or installation?

An “instillation” is the result of the breaking up of a work of art, a process initiated by the 20th century avant-garde. It is created by combining objects — specially made or to hand — with space. In the installation, it is the relationship between elements or methods introduced by the artist and space, which is an essential part of the work, that is most important.
The object, in turn, is the result of the extension of the definition of the sculpture. It is a spatial form that gives up the nobility of the material and the virtuosity of the hand — although none of these things are exclusive. Generally, the object does not refer to space.
Artists, however, like to cross borders — also the media — so there are works balancing between the installation and the object.
Installations — due to their dimensions, assembly difficulties, and architectural requirements — are not often shown as part of MOCAK’s collection projects. At the exhibition, Installation or object?, a dozen or so works from the Museum’s collections were presented. Some of them have never been shown before at MOCAK.
The exhibition, Installation or object? — in the area expressed in the title — analysed the problem of media liquidity in contemporary art. The works shown were not the subject of any topic or problem. The aim of the exhibition was to show what analytical, critical, and philosophical possibilities the installation and object have. And how much recent art owes to such experiences.

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