The hangman’s sword: a legend or an artefact?

Although, in the opinion of specialists, the term “hangman” does not reflect the actual purpose of the weapon, according to legend, it was used to punish two gargoyles who, while wanting to rob the church of the Blessed Virgin (part of the Augustian abbey partly destroyed in the 19th century), violated the stability of the building.
According to reports, it hung in the hall of a non-existent city hall, whose traces were discovered recently by archaeologists during excavations carried out on Olkusz market (still no traces of Great Scales were found, where local guards weighed ore extracted in nearby workings (see mining weight  which is in the collection of the Małopolska’s Virtual Museums).
After the demolition of the town hall in the 19th century, the sword became the decoration of the magistrate’s meeting room.


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